Orientation for high-schools

The Orientation Committee of our Department is always available to make arrangements with high-school teachers to organize activities for their students who would like to learn about the degrees and activities of the Department of Agricultural Sciences.

For any information about orientation for high-schools, you can contact the Coordinator of the Orientation Committee, Prof. Giovanna Seddaiu (gseddaiu@uniss.it), or Prof. Francesco Giunta (giunta@uniss.it), who will be glad to help you.


The Department of Agricultural Sciences offers various entry orientation activities carried out at the Department or at high-schools every year.

Activities are currently suspended due to the COVID emergency, but the offers will be updated with the return to normality:

1 - Visits to the Department of Agricultural Sciences  (Contact: Prof. Francesco Giunta - email: giunta@uniss.it)
After request from high-schools, students wishing to visit the Department of Agricultural Sciences attend a presentation of the overall teaching offer (about 30 minutes), and  can visit 2-3 laboratories and/or the experimental farms of the department, where some of our most representative research and teaching activities are shown. The headquarters of the Department is near the University canteen (https://goo.gl/QiTPwB), where it is  possible to have lunch on the day of the visit, if requested in advance.

List of visits to the Department (to be updated for 2021/2022)


2 - Seminar activities (to be held at the Department of Agricultural Sciences or at high-schools)
Professors, PhD students and Research fellows of the Department are available for a series of seminars on various topics given after agreements with high-schools.

List of seminar activities (to be updated for 2021/2022)

3- Short intensive courses, internships, visits to the Department of Agricultural Sciences for small groups of students
These are mainly practical activities in the context of PCTOs (Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation, former ASL) that will be carried out in the laboratories of the Department or in the experimental farms.

List of PCTO activities (to be updated for 2021/2022)

4 - UNISCO courses
See University WEB page of the UNISCO Project