Dipartimento di Agraria

Università degli Studi di Sassari
da Lunedì, 27 Giugno 2022 a Giovedì, 30 Giugno 2022

Acqúa - Summer School on Environmental Conflict Mediation

Oristano - Arborea (Italy)
The Desertification Research Center of the University of Sassari (NRD-UNISS) is organizing a Summer School on Environmental Conflict Mediation, within the framework of WP4 “Innovative Governance” of the Sustain-COAST project.
Acqúa School aims to:
1. explore and promote environmental conflict mediation technique
2. inform participants about the effectiveness and validity of mediation in environmental disputes
3. train participants on the specificity of the environmental conflict and on the particular modalities that
distinguish this type of conciliation path from those usually used in the civil and commercial field.
Acqúa School will be focused on water-related conflicts, with case studies from the Mediterranean Region.
If you are interested in participating, send your CV to carlo.aymerich@consorziouno.it and sustaincoast@uniss.it by Sunday 19th of June 2022.
Participants will receive further information upon acceptance.
The registration fee is €250,00 (euro 250/00).