The research staff of the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Sassari guarantees the necessary expertise to address complex research topics regarding sustainable plant and animal production systems, forestry, development of innovative and tailored production systems for marginal areas, management of soils polluted by potentially toxic elements, food processing, quality and safety, agricultural biodiversity and sustainable land management.

Research approaches rely on lab and field experimental facilities and include integrated and participatory approaches to environmental monitoring and assessment, modelling, scenario analysis, green infrastructure design and landscape planning.

GIS technologies, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence have been developed and tested to achieve early diagnosis of pathogens and pests and to monitor plant health status.

The researchers have a consolidated experience on the conservation of water and soil resources and their socio-economic implications, on the evaluation of environmental and anthropogenic conditions that affect the soil systems, on the protection and planning of the territory and the rural landscape, on mechanization and automation of agricultural, forestry and livestock farms, and on energy, economic and environmental sustainability of agricultural processes.

Ongoing research is also aimed at the evaluation of technological, chemical, and microbiological characteristics of animal and plant raw materials and their derived foods, at the selection of pro-technological microbial starter strains, and at the valorization of organic wastes and food by-products through new functional ingredients and processes in order to produce soil conditioners and fertilizers that can increase plant health and reclaim polluted soils.

The Department is involved in the Ph.D. Programme in Agricultural Sciences (, which is part of the Ph.D. School of the University of Sassari (

The Department collaborates with several national and international partners and is open to new collaborations in national and international research projects and in exchange experience with researchers and students.


For further information or collaboration, you can contact directly our researchers or:

Pier Paolo Roggero – Director

Andrea Porceddu – Coordinator of the Research Committee